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Washers & Dryers

Washer & Dryers

Two of the most used appliances that serve very crucial roles in our homes are washers and dryers. These are the most widely used home appliances that most people own, and can have major financial influences, especially with regards to the energy bill. There are a number of models and brands of washers & dryers on the market which you can buy to meet your individual purposes and needs.

Before purchasing new washers & dryers it is important you take into consideration factors like convenience, energy rating, the laundry load to be handled and the available space you have. There are three types of washers & dryers that you may buy that are specifically made for different needs, they are:

  • Separate or side by side washers & dryers
  • People prefer these usually because it affords them the opportunity to get the best possible combination of appliances for their purposes.
  • Combo washers & dryers
  • For those need a single small space saving unit with low operation & maintenance costs.
  • Stacked or stackable washers & dryers
  • For those that are concerned with saving space and maintenance and costs of replacement, a stackable washer-dryer unit would probably be the best choice.

Combo Washers & Dryers

Combo Washers & Dryers
A washer dryer combo is designed to take up less space than both a stackable washer dryer and side-by-side washers & dryers. The combo washer dryer has one very important distinguishing factor, you can wash and dry your laundry in one machine!
A disadvantage of combo washers & dryers that they can usually only handle very small loads of laundry.
Advantages of a combo washers & dryers is the price of the machine. The least expensive washer dryer combo is usually comparable to an inexpensive stackable washers and dryers.
Another is the actual expense of using the combo washer dryer system. It is energy efficient, which will save you some money on your utilities over the long haul.
The best advantage of a washer dryer combo is space savings, especially if you live in a studio apartment or small home. The washer dryer combo can be placed into small spaces very well.

Best Washers & Dryers:

Stacked Washers & Dryers

stacked washers & dryers

Stackable Washers & Dryers are becoming the normal type of washers and dryers to purchase for many renters and homeowners alike. It used to be whenever you bought a washer and dryer you would buy a top loading model for a washer and front loader for your dryer. However, new front loading models are offering better energy, water efficiency, and treatment of garments when compared to top loading models.

Stackable washers and dryers come in a variety of sizes and uses for that matter. They are very popular when space is at a premium which is usually the case in dorms, one room apartments or even mobile homes. They are very popular because of their size and versatility and generally come in two sizes, 27 inches wide and 24 inches wide.
The advantage of the 24 inch model of stackable washers & dryers is that they can usually fit into a closet and can be hidden out of site easily. The downside to this is of course laundry capacity. You will be able to fit more clothes into the 27 inch model so you need to take this into account when you are purchasing this type of washer dryer unit.

Stackable washer dryers have become one of the basic home appliances in many households. Whether you are renting an apartment or a house or you already have your own space, these washer dryers can make your life much easier.
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